God’s Peace: The Best Gift

Do you know what one of the most powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit is?

The answer may surprise you, it did me! As I read 1 Cor. 12, I found the answer in the very last verse (vs.31). Today, many believers are desiring to be used by the Spirit and function in the gifts that 1 Cor. 12 talks about. Seeking His gifts, we fail to see what the Holy Spirit wants to give us “a more excellent way…found in His Peace”.

I’ve come to believe the most powerful gift He wants to give us is His Peace, His Heavenly Peace. This Peace allows us to walk through anything life throws at us. It’s His Peace that gives us a new perspective on how to live and function in His gifts.

1. Peace that can’t be found in People (perfection and people approval is a peace killer). 2. Peace that can’t be found in Places (No AirBnB or mountain top is lasting).
3. Peace that can’t be found in Pace (No matter how fast you perform and try to obtain or run to gain).

Phil. 4:7 shares “God’s Path of Peace surpasses all our understanding and helps guard our hearts and minds”. It’s found in a submissive spirit and a repentant heart.

KEY: Col. 3:15…Listen, Watch, Wait are the character traits of a Faithful Man that clears your thoughts, stills your soul, and calms your fears as we head into 2020.

QUESTION: ARE YOU WALKING IN GOD’S PEACE TODAY? Comment below and let me know how you are doing with His Peace!

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