God’s Peace Part II: What Happens When You Fail to Choose It?

Matthew 25:14-30

Do you realize the Holy Spirit has entrusted to you, your abilities and gifts, with a commission to invest and increase His Kingdom through your life?

Two of the three servants understood the Master’s Heart; the third misunderstood who the Master was and what He desired. It’s true, God gives abilities and gifts to all of us and they vary from person to person. All three servants knew they needed to be accountable for their abilities and gifts. With the right motivation, the first two invested their gifts and were rewarded for their faithfulness. The third motivated by fear and false judgement was unable to understand how to invest and bring increase. His misjudgment of the Master’s heart (Thinking: I know You. You’re a harsh man) became his reality. Losing Everything!

Notice it says, “I was afraid.” When we allow fear to control our lives and relationships we’re guaranteed to misjudge and act in the wrong way. What we say and do in fear always open doors of pain and despair.

BUT, when we choose God’s Peace instead of anxiousness and fear, we’re able to see clearly, trust fully, and respond in the right way.

KEY: When we choose Peace instead of fear, we find our Joy and Rest and see God’s Kingdom increased.

Question: Are you losing God’s Joy because you’re motivated by fear instead of God’s Peace?

Comment below and let me know if God’s Joy is present and working in your life!

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