A Rendering Is Coming!

I’ve heard the prophets say 2020 is going to be a time of completion. The fact is in Hebrew numerology the number 20 is a sign of “Completion”. The question I have is, what’s going to be completed? That’s when I heard the Holy Spirit say a transformation: completed in the lives of His saints.

Rom. 12:1-2, talks to us about the transformation God desires for all of us. A transformation of our identity that I believe will be found in the rendering of our hearts. For many this rendering will come swiftly because they don’t want or desire to be conformed to this world. But for some it will take a “Complete Rendering”. Joel 2:13, not a rendering of the outside but a deep work inside. Rendering literally means, to deliver or hand over (an act we do) so a verdict or judgement (an act God does) can happen. The purpose of rendering is transforming a hard heart into a flesh heart. It’s a process (melt down) of the fat that’s grown around hearts in order that the Holy Spirit could extract what’s needed to build the Kingdom of God. The fat of compromise and laziness has caused us to be stuck in our story never fulfilling the promise God gave us years ago. Gods plan and purpose that’s been locked up inside of us.

The melt down process will take Repentance on your part. Not just a stopping and changing direction from the sin your involved in but also a mindset change. The renewing of your mind is a change in the way you think. The transformation we’re looking for, results in a legal decree from our Judge and King, that’s only found in a broken and contrite heart (Psa. 51:17). When God see’s a humble heart repenting He issues a verdict in our favor that releases His favor in our lives.

KEY: Look for Jesus to transform not conform you in 2020. Believe that which was useless because of hardness will be RENDERED and become usable again.

QUESTION: Are you resisting God’s melt down (rendering) in your life?

One thought on “A Rendering Is Coming!

  1. I’m believing this rendering will result in me leading others to commit to Jesus as Lord, be baptized in the Holy Spirit and mentored to rebuilding their lives on a new foundation with Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone.
    This in my family, my neighborhood, my town and Church. Thanks to The Holy Spirit I’m already doing it.
    Thank you Victor for getting me started.


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