Raise a Hallelujah

So sorry I missed yesterdays blog we were on a plane to Sebring, Florida to visit dear friends, but today we’re going to Raise a Hallelujah as we hear Gods heart.

God is asking us to trust Him in the middle of every storm we face. Our trusting is found in Faith that’s built and lifted up through our Praise. How many of your have faced or are facing a storm in your life? If you are, you need to realize storms are like giants (1 Sam. 17) that mock the God we serve. This mocking is what causes doubt and fear to run rapid through our lives. But like David (1 Sam. 17:23, 32-37) we need to learn how to fight lions and bears as we stand steady watching our father’s sheep. In fact we need to learn how to confront Giants.

The Question I have today is : “How do We Learn to Fight Giants when we’re in the Middle of a Storm?” The same way David did, when as a boy in the fields, he learned to Raise a Hallelujah with his voice and sing Praises to his God (Psa. 149:6) but it was with a two-edged sword in his hands. Always remember as we praise Him, He will inhabit those praises, like the song say’s “I’m going to sing in the middle of the storm, LOUDER and LOUDER your going to hear my Praise Roar”, God will be in the middle of that Roar.

2nd Question :”How can we become louder and louder?” In Rom. 8:37, First, believe your more than a Conqueror, like King David, you can run through the troop and leap over the wall. Second, position yourself in 2020 to receive a Double Portion of God’s completing work. In Hebrew numerology the number 20 is defined as “COMPLETION”. I’m believing, this year 2020 you will receive a Double-Portion of what Gods promised you that hasn’t, for whatever reason, come to past.

Key: If your stuck in your story and the promises of God haven’t shown up, try Praising Him. And when the giants of doubt and fear come banging their drums, say “not this year, 2020 is my Double-Portion year.”

3 thoughts on “Raise a Hallelujah

  1. Love the messages you are bring forth.
    This one is exactly what I’m going thru right now, fighting a giant who’s trying to tell me a lie. However, I know my God will provide a way. The giant thinks he can use scare tactics. However, my God tells me not fear.


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