Commanding Mountains to Move

This morning as we prayed for our dear friend in Sebring, Florida who has Parkinson’s disease, God spoke to me about the battle he’s in and maybe the battle your in. The Holy Spirit said, we need to realize Satan tries to magnify our battles into mountains that can’t be conquered. He makes us think if it hasn’t moved immediately it won’t happen at all. Our friend has been fighting this battle for a year and hasn’t seen much improvement.

In Matt. 21:20-22, Jesus responds to His disciples as they ask “How did that fig tree wither at once?” His response is significant and impactive because it releases the key’s to fight a good fight, a spiritual fight. He says, IF (meaning you can choose to fight or not) if you have faith and do not doubt, you’ll not only do what has been done to that fig tree, but you can say (command) to this mountain, “Be taken up and thrown into the sea and it will happen.” The devil tries his best to get us to doubt whatever God says we can have. That’s why I believe mountains are demonic strongholds that present themselves as too Big, too insurmountable, with the hope we’ll give up and quit. Doubting really means your on the way to quitting.

So often we pray, “God please take this thing from me”, but God has a different take on that story (Notice the word say, in Matt. 21:21, it literally means COMMAND). It’s a whole different attitude dealing with mountains (Parkinson’s). God is telling us “You Say, since I’ve given you all authority” (Matt. 10:1, Luke 9:1). For us to walk in that kind of faith we need to seek His Presence (Psa. 34:4), “I sought the Lord and He delivered me from all my fears”, and let me add my doubts. I believe Heb. 11:1, is our scripture to move in faith, “Assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.” When we seek His presence we obtain His Assurance. It’s His Assurances that assures our Conviction and it’s our conviction that stops our Doubt.

QUESTION: Have you sought Gods presence for the assurance God is faithful enough to fulfill the promise He’s given you? Can you hold onto the conviction that even though your not seeing it, your believing it?

Key: Mountains and storms come at us on a regular basis but we need to take a stand and command with the authority Jesus Christ gave us, “not this day and not this 2020 year”.

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