We Need a Revival

Last night my wife and I enjoyed an amazing Valentines Day Dinner at the local church here in Sebring, Florida. However this morning, we realized something was wrong since we were in the middle of a spiritual battle over issues that had laid dormant and quiet in our lives for years. After allowing ourselves to be honest with one another, the Holy Spirit was able to share HIS TRUTH that was needed for us to hear. It was then we could see the enemy’s lies.

Once we realized the lie we bought into, honest and open discussion and healing occurred. Have you ever been broadsided by an attack the enemy of your soul throws at you? It always seems to be a 2-front battle: an inside battle as well as an outside one. The inside battle has to do with issues often kept secret or so hidden we don’t even know they’re there. Our enemy knows they’re there, and because they haven’t been dealt with has a legal right to push our buttons and cause a continual pain of going around the mountain again and again of broken relationships and unfulfilled expectations.

So what’s the secret for our healing: BUILD AN ALTAR. I love (1 Kings 18:30), as Elijah called people to himself (a picture of the Holy Spirit) and repaired the Altar. It’s the same Altar Abraham built on Mt. Carmel when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac. You may ask why did Elijah have to rebuild it, because many times Altars we make for our sacrifices aren’t used again. We forget how to die daily.

Question: Have you ever ask yourself, I’m I buying into a lie of the enemy? Do you even know where to look for that lie?

Key: It’s God’s truth (Holy Spirit) that exposes all the lies of the devil and reveals the promises He has for us.

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