What does an Altar Mean to You?

After sharing about Elijah rebuilding the Abrahamic Altar (1 Kings 18:30-31) that was suppose to be used to sacrifice Isaac on Mt. Carmel, I realized many might not know what a personal Altar is or how it’s used in their lives.

Notice Elijah (a type of the Holy Spirit) called them near and the people came. God always calls, but we have the choice to respond or not to respond. This is the reason we often have to rebuild our Altars. Once regularly used with divine purpose, now they sit dormant.

It’s also a personal Altar that has your name on it. Personal Altars have the ability to reveal your identity in Christ and when you realize that identity you can walk in your Godly authority. It’s at the Altar that our attitudes get adjusted and transformed into His image. It’s here we receive an understanding of how your story should be played out.

Always remember Altars do more than just change your life, they transform your life! So what stones are needed to build or rebuild your Altars:

First stone: A STONE of CONFESSION where REPENTANCE occurs. I believe God wants to clean us up by freeing us up, and confession is how it’s done. For many this is an extremely difficult task to do. It’s hard to admit and shed light on issues in our lives when we’re resisting the conviction of His Spirit. Confession (1 John 1:9) brings the need for repentance, the sincere hatred and remorse for what you did. It’s not only turning 180 degrees in a new direction, it’s also changing the way you think about that issue. This is Godly sorrow (2 Cor. 7:9-10) that leaves no regret but will also save your soul.

Second stone: A STONE of SURRENDER where RESTORATION and RESTITUTION is found. Coming to the Altar is more than saying a prayer, it’s like “Pounding the Prodigal” out of you. It’s the dying to the old man that wants its way and wants it now. It’s where you submit to God and make all the issues right that you selfishly desired and used. This stone takes a humble person that is willing to restore broken relationships and promises, past hurts, and wounds. True Surrender is when you position yourself in agreement with God’s Word for healing.

Third stone: A STONE of HEALING where RENEWAL can happen. Renewal means the replacing or repairing that which is worn-out, broken-down, or run-over. Many people are finding themselves in this mess wanting healing, but they first need to be renewed. Empty and needing the Holy Spirit to move in and fill them up we look everywhere except where it can be found (Heb. 13:15). It’s found in the sacrifice of praise, when we allow God to inhabit the praises of His people. It’s imperative that we learn to worship Him on the instrument of our human heart. Let’s enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise and win this battle (Psa. 100:4).

Question: Is God calling you back to a once used Altar or one that needs building?

Key: Altars are when you draw near to God in honesty and humility and receive your true identity and authority.

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