Are You Faithful

Just got done listening to Hillsong Worship, “You are Faithful,” during our morning devotions. As we listened and worshipped with the song, a move of God happened in our lives. Looking up the meaning of Faithful, we discovered it meant loyal, constant, steadfast and reliable but the part that moved our spirits is when it said, “True to the original.” We asked the Holy Spirit what does original mean? He took us to Psalm 139:13-16.

The Psalmist says we we’re made and formed by His hands and His eyes saw us. What God saw was the BOOK that all my days are written in, before any of them were lived out. Is that exciting or what, A BOOK, created by God Himself telling of all the gifts we have in our lives. I believe this BOOK is the true original of the plan and purpose He has for our lives. The original is you. Your calling written by God Himself. Our goal is to be steadfast to the original calling that God fashioned before we were even born (Rom. 8:28-30). Notice in verse 29 Paul mentions that God foreknew us and predestined us to fulfill those callings and function in our giftings.

Many are seeking their calling from God. “What is it God that you want me to be and to do?” is the question we’re all asking ourselves. Let me suggest your answer is found in your identity in Christ and our job is to understand it and walk it out. This is a struggle for most of us. What Solomon said in Pro. 20:6 “Many a man proclaims his own steadfast love, but a FAITHFUL man who can find?” that is where we’re living. God is looking for Faithfulness, just as He came into the garden seeking Adam asking, “Where Are You?”

In Matt. 25:14-30, we see three different responses to being Faithful to their giftings. God calls them talents, but I call them gifts that we express through our callings. Notice the 5 and 3 talent people understand what to do with their giftings and were blessed, but the 1 talent person was fearful and misunderstood who the master was and what to do with his talents.

Question: How many of you have buried your giftedness and calling because of fear and a misunderstanding of who God is in your life?

Key thought: God is calling out to you, “Where are You?” As you understand your calling you’ll walk in your true identity and Godly authority.

2 thoughts on “Are You Faithful

  1. Thank you for your blogs. Many people are over in the corner praying for God’s will in their lives when His will is plain. I like what Jesus said to Phillip, “You feed them”.
    If the garbage can is full it’s God’s will to empty it. It’s God’s will for you to greet people, encourage them, call them by name, share what you have with the needy, help your neighbor and step up when there is cleanup to be done.
    Will Jesus find you busy when He returns? You will find more opportunities to ‘minister’ while being faithful than you can handle.


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