Cost and Keys to Breakthrough

Today is 2/20/2020, I thought since 20 in Jewish numerology means “Completion” then this must mean a “Double Portion of Completion for each person that reads this 🙂 !”

Thus the title of today’s blog, Breakthrough. So, how will you experience these unseen breakthroughs? First, let’s see what breakthrough means, “A sudden, dramatic and important discovery or development. An instance of achieving success.” There is always a cost to breakthroughs and the keys are needed to unlock their success.

Breakthroughs don’t just happen, they always take effort. I’m sure that’s why people get stuck in their story. They blame demons and demonic attacks when in all reality it’s their mindsets that have got them stuck. Mindsets that need transforming from painful past experiences (Rom. 12:2). For many, they wait for a breakthrough to happen, failing to realize God in the unseen realm has already put it in motion. It’s waiting, ready to be released! For breakthroughs to happen, you’ll need to take a risk, step out over your head into deep water, and trust God for what He has promised you that hasn’t shown up yet.

From my experience Breakthroughs take 3-steps:

1. Contend for your Breakthrough, don’t just wait for it. Believe that it’s coming! Don’t give up! It will take all your patience and perseverance. (Gal. 6:9) Weariness is a tool the enemy uses to wear you out. Your faith is key for contending (Jude 1:3).

2. Come to terms with your unbelief. (Matt. 21:21-22), “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” The problem is when those mountains show up and present seemly insurmountable situations, we start to doubt. When those giants are in our land of promise that God said we own, we get afraid and start doubting.

3. Control your Words (Pro. 18:21). Words have the power to shape the course of our lives. We have to guard our lips because words have life or death attached to them. They can make or break our breakthroughs. You see, breakthroughs come when our words come into alignment with God’s Word. It will take courage to speak God’s Word over our situations. The Hebrew word for “speak” is “Amar”. It literally means to command not say. It’s a more forceful word that has spiritual authority behind it. Our words need to ring with an authoritative order that shows you’re in charge.

Question: Have you taken a risk, stepped out into deep waters and experienced your breakthrough? What is holding you back?

Key Thought: In the unseen world, our breakthroughs are waiting to be released. They’re waiting for your understanding of God’s 3-step process.

Contend, Come to terms, Control. Your Breakthrough is waiting 🙂

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