Strong Desire-vs-Hopeful Thinking

This morning, Jeanne and I were discussing the difference between strongly desiring something versus just hopefully thinking about it. Looking in the Word to find God’s heart on the difference, we discovered what strong desire looks like in contrast to hopeful thinking.

Jesus states in Luke 11:9-10, “Ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” Notice the scripture shows us there are 3 actions needed for a strong desire, defined as (a strong feeling, a craving, wanting to have something).

The first action is for us to ASK. We need to say something in order to ever receive it. Strong Desire begins with Decreeing and Declaring your need to God. John 16:23-24, tells us when we ask in His name our joy will be complete. Asking creates a dialogue that establishes a relationship with our Father and completes our joy.

The second action is SEEK. The action that’s needed after you’ve verbalized your Strong Desire. It literally is the activity of looking thoroughly in order to find. King David experienced this in Psalms 77:6, “I said, Let me remember my song in the night (remembering what you declared), let me mediate in my heart (you ponder what you declared). Then my spirit made a diligent search, (to find the counsel of the Lord).”

The third action is KNOCK. When we’re knocking, we’re attracting attention while waiting to be let in. Heb. 4:16, tells us to come with confidence (boldly) to the throne of Grace so we might receive Mercy and find Grace to help us in times of need. It’s at the Throne of Grace, (when we knock) that a door gets open in the spiritual realm and helps meet our needs.

This is so different than Hopeful Thinking (the imagining of an unlikely future event or situation that you wish were possible). Hopeful thinkers instead of asking they’re silent, instead of seeking they sit, and instead of knocking they quit.

Question: Do you tend to be just a hopeful thinker, wishing for things that are unlikely to happen? Or are you a strong desiring person contending and receiving the promises of God for you?

Key Thought: Asking requires, a word declaration from which you receive a relationship with our Heavenly Father. Seeking requires, a focused search to find God’s wisdom and perspective. Knocking requires a persistent effort on your part for an open door (your breakthrough).

One thought on “Strong Desire-vs-Hopeful Thinking

  1. What are you asking, seeking and knocking for? Must be great because your teaching is drawing us close to the heart of God.


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