Counting the Cost

Flying back from Sebring, Florida after having an amazing two weeks of sun, golf, and awesome fellowship. We’re now sitting in the Denver airport with a three hour delay before we fly to our home in Mukilteo, Washington. It’s here that the Holy Spirit quickened in my heart, as I watched a group of wounded veterans walk by, that we’re missing something in America. I felt we’re in a fight for the soul, purpose, and destiny of God in America. It seems we don’t value the things God deeply values and esteems. I stood as they walked by and thanked them for their service. I thought, we as Christians must stand together and contend for a patriotic passion of the Lord in America.

So how does passion arise in the hearts of people that love our country like God loves our country?

In Luke 9:23, we see Jesus telling His disciples, He must suffer many things, be rejected by the elders, and then be killed by them, but on the 3rd day be raised from the dead. They didn’t take that well, so He continued and said, Whoever really wants to be my disciple must do 3 things. Similarly, whoever really wants to love America like God loves it, whoever wants His passion to rise up in their hearts, we have to march to these three steps:

First: Deny Yourself – stop serving a selfish lifestyle that only looks to satisfy desires and lusts. Is that really passion? Denying Self is different than self denial. One is a lifestyle learned and the other is just a moment in time. Self-denial revolves around you. Denying self revolves around Christ.

Second: Take Up Your Cross – The question for all of us is, What is this cross and how do we pick it up? He carried His cross to Golgotha and died on it. We also need to pick up our cross and do what Jesus did…die! Dying on a cross hurts. He was beaten and betrayed by Pharisees and His own disciples. He experienced rejection as those that sang His praises now were saying, “Crucify Him!” Not to mention a scourging by Pilate and the Roman guard. Folks that’s pain. Dying on a Cross takes Time. If we are to die daily, it will take a consistent commitment to finish this step.

Third: Follow Him – The more following Jesus falls out of fashion in America, the more we’ll experience what it really means to follow Him. To follow Him will be a risk on your part, you’ll stand out. Following Him will expose the real reasons why we’re doing it and what’s really in our hearts. Following Him not only is a risk but it will cost you. All your motives will be exposed.

As we embrace and walk out these Godly passions, we’ll realize whoever wants to save their saves will lose it, but whoever loses their life for Jesus (a bigger issue) will save it.

Question: What has it cost you to Follow Christ?

Key Thought: God is looking for the Church to realize what it will cost to fight and win the battle for America.

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