Wait on the Lord

Back home from our vacation in Florida, our lives have once again hit overdrive where everything is happening at once:) Our quiet time and waiting on the Lord was so easy the last two weeks, but today God had to show us some truths to really Wait on the Lord in the middle of chaos. Can any of you relate?

What we need to start this blog is FOCUS. We live in a world of demands and desires that want to run the life right out of us. The fact is we need the Holy Spirit now more than ever before in our lives. He’s the one that will bring the peace and contentment we need. Waiting on the Lord is how we will experience God’s Presence that will change our lives.

So what does WAITING mean? “An action of remaining in readiness for some purpose.” The Why we need to wait is found in Acts 1:4-5, Jesus asks us to wait. It will take an obedient heart to hear His voice. The Who we wait for is the promise of the Father, found in the Holy Spirit. The How we wait is first found in (Psalms 130:5), where it asks us to come with our Whole Being, our soul waits, for His word which is my hope. In other words you need to be all in and focused. The What we wait for is His Rest. Psalms 37:7, says “Be still and patient before the Lord”. But the NKJV says, Rest in the Lord. The WHAT we receive is His Rest. It’s His rest that allows us the ability to enter into His presence. When we learn how to wait we’ll experience entering into His rest. But to rest and be still you first will have to Deal with your Distractions. If you want to find your calm, find your identity, and stop comparing yourself to others, rest and wait on God you’ll find out who you really are and what you’re called to do.

Question: Have you or are you struggling to wait on the Lord? Does this help?

Key Thought: The Why we wait is to obey. The Who we wait for is the Holy Spirit. The How we wait is found in the whole you. The What we wait for is His rest.

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