Waiting on the Lord causes us to enter His Rest

Joel and my daughter-in-law just had their 3rd child and they stayed up all night through while they were waiting 😦 There wasn’t a whole lot of rest, (defined as Refreshing oneself, Recover strength), experienced by the Alinen family but joyful expectation covered the lack of sleep. This brought on today’s blog. How do you find rest in a world that’s spinning around you and you’re a definite part of it?

I love what our Pastor said about rest and how he found it in a struggle he had, but I want to take it a little deeper. In Heb.4:1, we see that rest is a promise that God offers us when we desire to come into His presence. Here lies the problem, it can also be missed. How do we come into His presence in a troubled and chaotic world when our only desire is to get though it? My wife immediately offered the answer. It requires positioning ourselves in His rest since it was a promise given to us by God. She said it’s found in a place of submission to God’s Lordship. It requires faith, an agreement with God, and a yielding to Jesus. But we fail to enter His rest when we harden our hearts in disobedience to the will of God. (Brothers, you’d better love your wives because most of you have out kicked your coverage!)

One of the great scriptures on rest is Matt. 11:28-30. First it says COME TO ME. Once again in our life, it takes effort and a choice when we’re struggling in our own strength (who labor and are heavy laden) to yield our self-strength and to trust God who will give you rest. Our surrendered effort is needed to learn how to take His yoke upon us. It is a learned skill that takes a humbled heart and a yielded spirit. Yielding (complying with the requests and desires of others) creates a yoke that’s easy and a burden that’s light.

The effort that’s needed will take a striving, found in Heb. 4:10-11. God’s Word tells us we need to strive to enter that Holy Ghost rest as we watch to see if disobedience lives in us. Did you know that God Himself entered into a Rest (Gen. 2:2-3) on the seventh day? It’s His rest we should all desire. Like the song says: “As we cry out, And I’m desperate for you, And I’m lost without you. Your wholly presence is living in me.” Only by entering God’s rest can we truly enjoy all He has done for us. Six days He breathed out His creation, but the seventh day He breathed in, enjoying His creation, and was refreshed.

Question: If His Rest is promised us, How do you find it in a loud and busy life?

Key Thought: God has asked all of us to ENTER His promised Rest but it will take effort on all our part.

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