Purim: A Celebration of Gods Deliverance in Your Life

The next two days in Jewish history are called Purim and have been set aside to celebrate the days when the Jews have rest from their enemies, changing their sorrow to joy and their mourning into a favorable day. It is a story told in the Book of Esther and illustrates how we can be set free from the enemy of our soul. It brings Heb. 4:16, The Throne of Grace into play. It’s a Throne Room, where we as Christian’s can come boldly to receive Mercy and Grace as we observe Heavenly Protocol in our time of need. As believers, when we come into Gods Throne of Grace, we need to be aware of an enemy that accuses us day and night (Rev. 12:10). So with this in mind, let us see what the Book of Esther reveals about Heavenly Protocol and receiving deliverance from our enemies and blessings from God.

The story begins with a Queen, Vashti that ignores her responsibility to her King and authority by refusing to come into his presence when asked bringing dishonor to him and shame to her. The Kings response is a decree that forever separated her from his presence. Believers can feel the same separation, when we refuse to honor and obey His voice when He calls. We all have a choice to honor God with our obedience and receive His blessing. Vashti chose to dishonor the King losing everything but Esther chose to honor the King and gains everything. As one of many young virgins brought to the King she’s prepared for 12 months of oil’s of myrrh and spices and ointments. It was during this time she gained favor by appropriately honoring her authority figures (Esther 2:8-10). It was here that Mordecai told her to keep her Jewish linage silent and she only took what Hegai advised when asked to see the King. Her favor came first through her obedience to authority. Each young lady got to see the King once but only one got to be Called By Name to return to the Kings palace (Isa. 43:1). “But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, he who formed you, Fear not, for I have redeemed you: I have called you by name.” Esther knew who she was, she knew that God knew her name, she had more than just beauty she had a touch of Grace and favor that everyone could see. The very thing the former queen Vashti lacked and what the King needed. As Esther entered the Throne Room as Queen, blessings were brought to all the country-side by a delighted King. Royal Generosity was given to all in remitted tax payments and gifts. Esther shows us the example of how to fulfill Heavenly Protocol in The Throne of Grace by humility and an ability to honor authority.

Question: Which queen are you, look at your response to authority.

Key Thought: Gods Throne Room is open to you today but He’s waiting for a humble heart so He can Call You By Name. P.S. The second day of Purim is tomorrow let’s see what happens to Esther as we enter Gods Throne Room!

One thought on “Purim: A Celebration of Gods Deliverance in Your Life

  1. In Philippines Paul had pain sorrow and forgiveness. Phil4:13 I can do all things threw Christ Jesus who strengthens me . Easter would be my pick. But also Paul .when he has his eyes on God ,and wonts to run the race towards the kingdom of heaven.


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