Purim: Day 2, How We Are Delivered

As we enter the Throne of Grace, Heb. 4:16, always remember there’s a conspirator, an adversary in the Kings court room (Rev. 12:10) . It’s here that the Book of Esther get’s interesting. Enter Haman, the accuser of the brethren, that always looks for a legal right to destroy your life. Haman had the Kings authority on his side and demanded all servants to bow and pay homage to him as he walked by. Mordecai never bowed or payed homage instead in sack cloth and ashes he cried out to God. As a Jew, Mordecai only honored God and wouldn’t bow to any other. It’s here we see the key to breakthrough. However, notice in Esther 4:4, Mordecai’s repentance found in sack cloth and ashes is trying to be taken from him by Esther. Many don’t understand the need for a heart of repentance and want to minimize it’s openness and brokenness qualities(Esther 4:1-2). They want to cover it up with new clothes and take off the sack cloth and ashes. But in Verse 5, Esther in her desire to understand, the what and why repentance was so important to Mordecai sent Hathak to find the answer.

As both Mordecai and Esther are commanding and demanding answers from each other vs.12-17, they end up realizing and fulfilling each other’s destiny’s. They challenged each other with truth and responded together in obedience. The powerful words of Mordecai that said if you remain silent at this time someone else at some other time will respond but what if you were made for such a time as this? And her response, OK but here’s what you must do, gather the Jews in all the land, pray and fast with me and my young ladies, only then will I put on my Royal Robes and go before the King, that kills anyone that’s not asked to enter His Throne Room. As believers when we enter the Throne of Grace we come with Mordecai and Esther’s sack cloth and ashes but through repentance and because of the King we have the privilege of changing into Royal Robes as Esther did in (Esther 5:1).

Question: When you buy into a lie of the devil(Haman) do you ever trust others to speak truth into your life so you have an opportunity to respond the right way and repent?

Key Thought: Haman had a legal right to stop Mordecai and Esther from fulfilling their destiny’s. Please understand, today the devil’s looking for a legal right to invade and stop the plans and purposes God has for your life. The key to removing the devils legal right is found in repentance. Consider the fact that you were born for such a time as this.

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