It’s a New Beginning

I believe before every major breakthrough in a persons life there will be extreme trauma, that overwhelming feeling of despair. It’s here we need to realize with every problem we face there is a promise and provision on the other side. We need to stop focusing on the problem, and with a different attitude, start believing in Gods promise and provision. Trauma has the ability to always expose the real you and what you believe, that’s the reason God allows it to happen, He’s taking your temperature (Rev. 3:15-16) hot, cold or lukewarm. What we’re experiencing with the coronavirus is shaking all of us and testing what we believe. I’ve discovered, when trauma comes into our lives we respond many times by running to comfort to wrong things, instead of to God (Rev. 3:17). Ask yourself today, what I’m I running to or from when chaos comes my way.

It’s a war of two kingdoms. An evil kingdom, where a thief wants only to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) and a Godly Kingdom that wants to give you live abundantly. In Rev. 3:22, God ends His message for the church in Laodicea with, “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the church.” The question for a lukewarm church is whose going to listen to the Holy Spirit and see what He want’s to do in their lives. The fight we’re in takes warriors, that are always found in the Remnant, that small remaining quantity of believers that are submitted and obedient to God. The ones that will come out of their caves (1 Kings 18:9) and stop running to other comforts. The ones that hear Gods voice asking them, “What are you doing here, Why are you here?” Ones that will speak up and be heard over the roar and make a difference in their world. One’s that come out of their caves which have trapped them for years, that have stuck them in their story. That leave the past behind with their nakedness and shame and believe in 2 Cor. 5:17, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things have past away, behold, all things are new.”

Today, believe with me, that it’s a New Day with a New Beginning. You’ve come out of your cave, you’ve taken a New look at all the trauma in your life and you’re hearing Gods voice once again telling you to Go and get back in the race. Your story still needs to be written, get unstuck so you and the Holy Spirit can finish it.

Question: What will it take for you to believe that God is bigger than any of your traumas as you run to other comforts instead of God? What will it take to unstick your story and get you out of your cave?

Key Thought: Trauma will always be apart of our stories but how you handle it, becomes your story. With a new vision we need to stop focusing on the problem and start believing in, the promise of provision, God has for us. Ask yourself, is my temperature Hot, Cold or Lukewarm. Instead of being spewed out of Gods mouth let’s come into a New Beginning and turn up the heat with Faith allowing you to be refined with fire and not fear (Rev. 3:18). It’s time you finish your story and leave your shame in the cave!

3 thoughts on “It’s a New Beginning

  1. What should happen is that the trauma gets us out of our rut. We don’t go back to our old way but put the new wine in new wine skins. Most cry out for the old way but some make the changes God wants and operate within a new biblical paradigm.
    Involves forgiveness, investment in those who have hurt us and not letting our past define us.


  2. Everything is possible to someone who believes . We stumble and fall flat on our face. We get back up and dust our self off, and move forward toward our trauma casting it into the sea of forgiveness or into the fire. Then we press on like Paul , toward the prize, our prize , the kingdom of God , threw Christ Jesus.


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