Are You Experiencing a Roar?

The Roar, just personally hit our lives. This morning my son, a Washington State teacher, having his school shut down, is at home with his new born baby girl. I have had a cold and still coaching my golf team covering my mouth when I coughed and staying 6 feet away with no hand shaking after a round was completed. I had no fever and now just a occasional cough. Feeling fine, I text my son and said, “let’s repair your deck today.” To which he responded, “stay home dad”, that’s after I offered to pay for all the supplies. LOL. I want to talk about this today. I’m sure you all can relate and have experienced similar situations this past month.

First, I want to look at the ROAR we’re hearing from this flu virus. Roar, literally means a loud rumble or thunder. A deep, prolonged sound uttered with pain, anger or approval. It’s found 22 times in the word of God as roaring lions, angry roaring men and the roaring God will do when He goes to battle. But, I want us to look at one more roar I believe, is the major part of this pandemic. 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Lions are an interesting study because their partner the lioness does the “lion share” of work in this relationship. It’s the roar of the male Lion, that gets the animals fleeing for their lives in the opposite direction of the roar. Meanwhile, the female Lioness are hiding in the tall grass waiting for frightened animals to run right into their trap. Why is this important? It has to do with which direction you run. The choice is yours, run like frightened animals away from the roar or run like a future King into the roar. The response King David had as a boy hearing the roar of the Philistine giant Goliath. 1 Sam. 17:32-37, shows us that David had learned the value of trusting God as he killed the lion and the bear that attacked his fathers flock. Your faith grows every time you run toward a roar while trusting God.

Second, let’s hear God’s roar found in Joel 3:16, ” The LORD also will roar from Zion, and utters His voice from Jerusalem, and the heavens and the earth quake. This Godly roar is a refuge and a stronghold for His people.” It’s His roar, that drowns out the roar of fear and panic. It’s His roar that stills the sound of pandemic rumblings. Just had a dear brother text me saying, “checked out all the local news broadcasts. Nothing but news related to the corona virus.” This is why we need Hosea 11:10, we need to hear God’s roar, “They will follow the LORD; He will roar like a Loin. When He roars, His children will come trembling from the west.” 2020 is the year of trusting in God’s word, when we hear the pandemic roar and we start getting faint hearted. Stop running away from the roar and turn around and run toward the roar. It’s here in (Psa. 61:2-4), that His roar, will lead you to the rock that that is higher than I. And the refuge that will become a strong tower against any foe (flu virus).”

Question: Have you heard any pandemic roar’s and if you have, which way did you run?

Key Thought: Roars are happening all around us, choose this day to listen and run to Gods Holy Roar and not run away from the deceptive roar of the devil.

One thought on “Are You Experiencing a Roar?

  1. Is this roaring of the Lord , that’s being heard all around the world. Finally our call to stand and say , listen to the mighty roaring off the lion of Judah. It’s time to run towards the cross of salvation. We need the cleansing of the world with the blood of the lamb. Listen to his roaring thunder and thank the Lord , for we have been saved by his precious blood.


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