Spy Wednesday: The Act of Betrayal

John 13:2-3, states that after the Seder supper, the devil put into Judas Iscariot’s heart a plan to betray Jesus. It seems the devil is always after our heart because he knows that’s where our passion lives and he wants to influence it. However, it’s important to realize, no SPY WEDNESDAY, will or can pass by our Lord without Him knowing about it. Jesus, in the middle of the meal, began to speak of His death. “Truly, truly I say to you, One of you will betray me.” Then He gave them a sign as the disciples asked, “Lord who is it.” “He who dips his hand with me into the dish will betray me,” He answered. It was then that Judas dipped his hand into the dish and Satan entered him. It’s in the dipping that agreement took place fulfilling Judas role and identity as a betrayer. It’s here, Jesus said to Judas, “whatever you need to do, do quickly.” Jesus knew what was taking place but the disciples, once again, missed what was happening. In vs.28, They all thought since Judas had the $$ it was for him to go buy something needed to finish their time in the upper room or give something to the poor. The Bible says in vs.30, “having received the piece of bread, he left immediately. And it was night.” That’s what happens when the devil puts deception in our hearts, we become dark and everything goes black as night.

Lets look at the darkness that fell on Judas (the betrayer). First, let us realize this all happened after Judas partook of the Seder supper taking the bread and wine and had his feet washed by the Messiah. It was the taking of the bread (Matza) as both Jesus and Judas dipped into the dish of bitter herbs that represented Christs agreement to embrace the bondage and suffering that would soon take place. The dipping also fulfilled Judas’s identity as the betrayer. It was right after this that Judas walked into darkness and Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man is glorified, and God is glorified in Him.” Could it be that all of us have a seed of Judas in our hearts? A seed that’s wrapped around selfish desires and self-serving expectations. Wanting Jesus to do something for us, instead of, be something, in us. Judas looked just like all the other disciples for three years. You couldn’t tell him apart from, Peter, James and John, so what happen that caused him to turn on Jesus and betray him. Judas became just like the people singing “Hosanna, in the highest”, as He entered Jerusalem that were now yelling, “Crucify Him” days later. The reason, He wasn’t who they wanted. They wanted a Lion but they needed a Lamb. What moved Judas from a man with selfish motives to a betrayer of Christ was his dipping into bitterness. Those Unfulfilled expectations.

Question: As you do an examination of your motives, do you see any unfulfilled expectations lying dormant in your life, waiting for the right moment to spring forth and betray who you really are in Christ and the purpose He desires for your life?

Key Thought: It would seem that all of us have a seed of Judas in our lives. Seeds that are lying dormant and haven’t sprouted yet but have the potential to betray us and those we love. The question lies with whom do you align yourself with as you dip your Matza into the bowl of bitter herbs. Is it Jesus or Judas?

3 thoughts on “Spy Wednesday: The Act of Betrayal

  1. Wow now this is a story to remember. I believe we all have that Judas seed laying dormant and I for one struggle sometimes to hold it dormant. The only way for me to control it from sprouting is to pray, pray and pray. Sometimes it is only a short sentence to Jesus and other times my prayer can be a full paragraph or a whole chapter (lol). Thank you Vic & Jeannie for today’s lesson because it has been a bit of a troubling day for me as my Judas seed has wanted to sprout up several times today. 🙏❤️

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    1. You girl are a Godly warrior so fight for who Christ called and purposed your life to be. The more you draw close to Him He’ll draw closer to you🙏😃. We love you both so much🩸❤️enjoy Good Friday’s post🤗


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