The Emmaus Road: Are You Coming or Going?

It’s over, they thought as they watched Jesus die on the cross. All their hopes, plans and dreams hung on a bloody cross, in a lifeless body. How could this happen, it wasn’t suppose to be like this, it was suppose to be different, they thought as they all walked away, heading in different directions. In Luke 24:13-16, we see two men walking toward Emmaus. They weren’t the famous apostles, that were hiding behind locked doors, back in Jerusalem. These were two ordinary and unknown men that followed Jesus, hoping that the prophet would fulfill their dream and redeem Israel. Heading toward Emmaus, a town that literally means, (a people despised or obscure, concealed and kept from being seen), we see the two discussing what had just happened in Jerusalem 7 miles away. Isn’t it interesting when all our hope is lost, we have a tendency to run away and hide in obscure places far away from where we really need to be. Running from their pain, they were traveling in the wrong direction with their backs turned away from the promise. It was over, they had watched Him be arrested, judged, beaten and crucified. What they didn’t know, is in those most hopeless times, that’s when their savior shows up right beside them. Jesus walking up from behind, (He’s sneaky like that), falls into step right next to both of them and asks, “What are you talking about?” Their response, “you must be the only stranger in Jerusalem to have not known about the things that have happened the last few days.” What things? Jesus asks with a smile (He’s sneaky like that). The things concerning Jesus of Nazareth, a prophet mighty in deed and word and how the chief priests delivered Him to be condemned to death, and crucified Him. But the next few words, tell the whole story of their sadness and despair. We were Hoping. We Had Hoped, that Jesus would’ve redeemed Israel. All our hopes were hung on the cross. Standing next to Hope, they were hopeless. We had hoped but its over now, and we’re heading home to Emmaus to hide away. In asking the question, Jesus causes them to reveal the state of their hearts. He wanted to know from them, what He wants to know from us today: can we still believe without seeing with our own eyes? He knows when we’ve been hit so hard, and all hope gets knocked out of us, we often quit, give up and walk away. It was the 3rd day since all this took place, wouldn’t you think they would have wanted to wait and see what the Messiah said would come to pass. He said He would arise on the 3rd day. The 3rd day is not the time to walk away and miss the best part.

Remember these were common, simple men that had lost all hope. They had lost their joy and felt totally deserted, but they still loved to talk about Jesus. The reason they asked Jesus to stay for dinner. They not only invited Him, they held Him, they grasped His hand, tugged at His cloak and wouldn’t let Him go. Jesus, playing with them about needing to continue on, agreed to stay (He’s sneaky like that). It was at the table again that the revelational truth of who Christ is gets revealed. Remember, these two weren’t at the last super where Jesus revealed the truth about the bread being His body and the cup being His blood. It’s at this table, Jesus shares the truth of who He is through the scriptures. Starting with the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to the Passover sacrificial Lamb, Jesus described His suffering and resurrection. But it was when Jesus took the bread and broke it, that truth was revealed, as the two men sitting at the table saw the scars of nails on His wrists that bound Him to the cross. It was then their eyes were open, to who walked and talked with them on the road to Emmaus and now sat with them, restoring their faith and hope in who He said He was.

It’s when our eyes get opened, to who Jesus truly is in our lives, that our hearts will burn within us. In Luke 24:16, their eyes were restrained from seeing Him but in vs.35 they’re now opened to who He truly is. Today, He might be right in front of you, walking right next to you and sitting down with you at every meal and your missing Him because your eyes aren’t open. Don’t you think its time to turn around on your Emmaus road and come back to your Jerusalem where your resurrected promise of a fulfilled life awaits you? If you wanted a Heart of Hope to burn inside you, before its to late (He disappeared from the table because He’s sneaky like that) turn today and receive His promise that something better is waiting for you this Easter.

Question: Are you on a Road to Emmaus, a place of uncertainty, not able to see what you need and desire when He’s walking, standing or sitting right beside you?

Key Thought: On our Road to Emmaus, when our Hopes and dreams seem to have disappeared, let’s never forget Christ has made a way for us. In His death, burial and resurrection, He has released the Holy Spirit to be apart of our life, as He walks and talks with us. Let’s not miss any moment of our life with eyes shut wide open, because we haven’t come to the Cross. Let’s discover how our Hearts will burn within us, as we embrace our Lord and Savior this Passover Season.

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