Why Stay in Your Tomb?

What place is more sorrowful, depressing and hopeless than a tomb. We’ve all walked around cemetery plots visiting those we’ve lost and thinking about the “what if’s” concerning each of our family and friends. Todays blog hopefully will bring light to a dark place in each of our lives. The tomb has always been the place of death, that’s what makes this blog so amazing. Let’s first define what a tomb is: A tomb is a place where hope ends, dreams and plans end, where all of life ends. It’s a place where everything ends. But in God, it’s the place where the end becomes a place of new beginnings. The reason? It’s because of the extreme way the Kingdom of God works in our life. In Gods Kingdom, the journey goes not from life to death, but death to life. Where the end is really the beginning. It’s where the gospel begins in our life, where faith grows in our life and where the message of salvation begins in our life. In the Tomb, Jesus showed us that we all have to come to a place of death to really fulfill life. It’s in our tombs that we find life.

With all that being said, why do we often hang on and stay in our tombs of bitterness, anger, self-hatred, wounded relationships, staying in darkness and never venturing outside into the light. Reason, we have become so familiar with our surroundings (tomb life), that it becomes comfortable and all we know. Even though it causes us to experience darkness with it’s death cycle’s in our life and our relationships. There must come a moment in our hearts and lives, when we break out of our personal tombs, desiring life more than death. In John 20:14-16, Mary Magdalene discovered this very thing, when she heard her name “Mary”, spoken by Jesus. It’s with one spoken word that death can become life. It’s hearing your name spoken by the Risen Savior, that releases you from darkness, breaking the chains of bondage and setting you free. Jesus didn’t reveal Himself to Mary by telling her who He was but by telling her who she was in Him. That’s what happens when the King calls your name, it releases you to truly hear and know who you are in Him as He releases and frees you from your tomb. What her eyes failed to recognize, her ears heard clearly. It was her name being said that allowed her heart to leave the tomb behind.

It’s here, leaving the tomb, with the instructions to run back and tell the apostles that she had seen the Risen Jesus and He was about to go to His Father. Later that same night, when she and the apostles were in an upper room with the doors locked, Jesus walks right through the door without opening it (He’s sneaky like that). Whenever we’re stuck in our tombs and locked in our rooms, He finds a way to enter and deal with our issues (He’s sneaky like that). Standing in their midst, Jesus gives them the key to forever being released from their tombs and locked rooms when He says, “Peace be with you, not once but twice as He showed them His hands and His side. Breathing on them to receive the Holy Spirit”, He brought new life and hope and the fulfillment of their mission and calling to the world. The same breath that breathed life into man in the Garden of Eden once again breathed life into the disciples. A work of re-creation by the washing and renewing of the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:5).

Question: Are you tired of being stuck in a tomb or locked in a room, feeling a desperation to escape and be released from your despair and pain into a new freedom, a new beginning?

Key Thought: What seems to be a tomb with no exit is truly not the end but just a beginning. But, only those who come to the place of the end, can enter the new beginning. It’s in the place of ending, when we repent and ask forgiveness, that we find our new beginnings. It’s the place Jesus will show up (He’s sneaky like that) and call your name setting you free.

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