Shalom “Peace Be To You”

This being the last day of Passover, (April 8th- April 16th), I thought it would be meaningful the talk about the first words Jesus speaks to His disciples after His resurrection. Something, He had never said to them before, but now because of His resurrection, He fulfilled (Isa. 53:5), “He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The punishment for our peace was upon Him,” giving Him the authority to declare it over their lives.

It was evening on the first day of the week as Jesus entered the room the disciples were assembled, in fear of the Jews. Standing in their midst, “Peace be to you” were the first words Jesus spoke over them. After walking straight through the locked door, Why those words, when He could’ve spoken any? Many say because of the fear they all seemed to embrace, but a closer look at the word “Peace’, will give us a better picture. First, Gods Peace, seems to find us, we don’t find it. It will walk through any locked doors we have in our life and meet our greatest fears. It has authority, (Col. 3:15), “And let the Peace of God rule in your hearts.” It has the authority to rule over anything in your life. The reason, is found in the literal translation of the word Peace. Jesus actually said Shalom, the difference between Peace and Shalom is huge. Shalom means harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare and well-being. All that in one word, but it also can be used in hello and goodbye. His sacrifice, they thought was a goodbye, when it actually was a hello, (He’s sneaky like that). It was only through His sacrifice that we find our Peace today. The key is to learn how to live in His Shalom when we’re locked in our rooms full of fear.

Notice in John 20:21, Jesus, not only said it once, but He repeated Himself. Sometimes we need a double-portion of Peace before we really get it. We need it in our coming and goings. The first greeting was when He came into the room and the second was in His sending them out into the world as He breathed on them giving them the Holy Spirit. The original creation, Gen. 2:7 began with the breath of God in Adams life; now the new creation comes with the breath of God the Son, in the lives of the disciples.

His Shalom and the breath of the Holy Spirit are door openers for you today. As this Passover Season ends, agree with me, that a new beginning of Gods Shalom (Peace) and the power of His Holy Spirit will be released in your life.

Question: Are you sensing an urgency, as this pandemic continues to experience God’s Shalom (Peace) and the power of His Holy Spirit?

Key Thought: Let’s make sure we don’t have any locked doors in our lives. Today, receive Gods Shalom, His Peace and allow the Holy Spirit to breath on you, giving you the power and authority that’s needed to enjoy and fulfill your life.

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