Feeling Scattered?

I just can’t let go of Mark 14:27, without taking a closer look at what it means to me personally. It say’s, “I will strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.” With so much time stuck inside these four walls, I’m spending some personal time looking inside my walls and seeing if I’m scattered in any parts of my life. Remember, scattered means, “running in random directions.” We’re living in such a time as this, where fear has challenged everything that was normal and has scattered it. As I looked at John 10:11-12, I had to ask myself, who is leading my life, the Good Shepherd or a hireling, and am I running in random directions? It say’s, “I am the Good Shepherd and lay down My life for the sheep. He who is a hired hand and not a shepherd, who does not own the sheep, see’s the wolf coming and leaves the sheep fleeing for his own life. The wolf then snatches and scatters them.” I wonder, have I traded my Good Shepherd in for a hired hand whose only interest is self.

A hireling is a person of self-serving and self-preservation that has willfully walked away from the care of a shepherd. A hireling that hasn’t taken ownership over areas of their lives that slowly, silently led them away from a shepherd that truly loves them. That didn’t build accountability in their lives so people could speak corrective words into areas of waywardness and sin. But worst of all, runs when the wolf comes to devour the sheep and lambs. Notice, I didn’t say his sheep, because selfish people aren’t responsible people, all they care about is themselves. Ezek. 34:5 shares that, “We are scattered because there was no shepherd and become food for wild beasts.” When we’re shepherd less we’re lost and hunted. How many of us have become food (VICTIMS) of things we never thought would consume us.

Instead of being a victim, don’t you think its time to become a VICTOR, and resist and defeat the beasts that prowl around with one purpose, to devour (1 Peter 5:8). John 10:16, talks about sheep that can hear the shepherd’s voice and become apart of His flock. That’s where I want to live, in a Psalm 23 place, where David talked about a Good Shepherd that has come only to love, protect and care for His sheep, that know His voice. Sheep that no longer scatter (run) to hired hands (selfish desires) only finding themselves empty and unsatisfied. Sheep that come back to the green pastures and still waters that a Good Shepherd can provide. The Psalm 23 shepherd had it’s beginning’s in Ezek. 34:14-16, the prophet Ezekiel speaks Psalm 23 into existence and who would write it, King David.

Question: Have you ever scattered from a situation? Whose voice did you listened too and where did you end up?

Key Thought: We always have choices in this world. Choices to yield and submit to a loving and caring Good Shepherd or run away like a prodigal into a pig pen of consuming selfish desires. Chose this day whom you’ll serve.

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