As We Leave; We Can Receive

As we’re moving through this 50 day grace period preparing for Pentecost and the Promise of the Father, it’s vital that we do not stay stuck in our “old normal” ways of life. It’s important for us to understand during this time, that things have to change. This 50 day period should be a training ground where true motives are exposed by His light. It is a time of testing, to see if our hearts are in the right place in response to our families, our marriages, our future and the government and it’s decisions concerning Covid-19. But most of all it’s been a time of trusting. Do you really trust God, that He knows and cares about what’s happening in your life. There’s been such a shaking in our old ways of life that a New Normal has taken over our lifestyles. Though God didn’t cause this virus to happen, He sure is using it in our lives. It’s like having a threshing floor experience, that’s making us look at all our old lifestyle issues that have us stuck in our story. It’s causing us to realize we have to leave the OLD before we can ever move into the NEW. For us to have our breakthrough moment, we first have to surrender to God’s threshing floor. Whether it’s the beating of the crop against a stone to separate the grain from the chaff or yielding to His winnowing fork (tool like a pitch fork) and be thrown into the wind causing our dry, scaly, protective casing that covers the precious wheat grains to be broken away. Which ever way it is, God will use it to get us to a place where we can be used to build His kingdom.

We are truly being shaken, but even in the midst of this world wide tidal wave-surge of “forced change,” the fact remains, many of us resist change. Why is that? Perhaps we haven’t understood the value of, “letting go and leaving,” the old ways of our life. In Acts 1:6, the disciples had to let go of knowing God’s timing for a new kingdom as they heard Jesus say, “It is not for you to know the times and season.” The disciples had to experience, a letting go, of all their old lifestyles, their dreams and now even Jesus as they watch Him ascend to heaven. His last words to His disciples, are wait for your New Normal (Act’s 1:8) found in the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Haven’t we all asked the same question’s, Lord, when are you going to answer my prayers? and where are you in my time of need? Jesus answer is the same, “wait and receive power, when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.”

It’s by letting go of the old and coming into agreement with His purposes, that we receive our new. Our letting go is always found in our repentance. Psa. 51:10, repentance that creates a clean heart and renews a right spirit in all of us. Let’s believe we are a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17), “the old has passed away behold all things have become new.” It’s our time during this pandemic to put off the old self (Eph. 4:22-24), “which belongs to your former manner of life and is corrupt through deceitful desires.” It’s time we start renewing the spirit of our minds by “putting on the new self, the one created according to God’s likeness.” That’s the power of Pentecost, as we agree with His word that divides the soul and the spirit and discerns the thoughts and intents of our hearts (Heb. 4:12) we receive His power and authority.

Question: Are you holding on to your old to tightly and resist letting it go?

Key Thought: It’s time we let go of all the old in our lives so the New Normal, found in the Pentecost of our lives can be experienced. As we rest and wait we come into agreement with His plans and purposes for our lives. It’s then we experience His goodness as He leads us into repentance. It’s in our repentance that we can truly leave the old and enter the New.

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