Rain Is In The Forecast

As we stay in a place of preparing, during the 50 day grace period, between Passover and Pentecost, let’s look at three amazing scriptures: Joel 2:23, 28-29, Acts 2:17-18, Isa. 44:3-4. Each speak of an outpouring of rain, as they talk about the former and latter rains, the spring and autumn rains that pour out on dry ground producing an abundance. I recently read an Israel Newspaper dated, Feb. 20th 2020, that the area of the DEAD SEA, a desolate wasteland erupted into a floral wonderland. The paper recorded, because of the enormous amount of rain, a stunning display of flowers appeared in a land considered some of the most harsh on earth. It was the first time in history that a super bloom of vegetation has occurred in that area. Seeds that have laid dormant in a desert for years have sprouted showing life.

As the Holy Day of Pentecost approaches (May 29-31), we know the Apostle Peter spoke to the 3000 Jewish people using Acts 2:17-18, that an outpouring of the Holy Spirit had just happened. He told those listening, this was a fulfillment of Joel 2:23, where the former rain, literally the Promise of the Father, which Jesus asked them to wait for, fell on them during the Feast of Pentecost. In Joel 2:28-29, we notice a latter rain is coming and will again come with a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit. As in the former outpouring of Pentecost, experienced by 120 believers in an upper room, the rain will be full of power, authority and new life, once again given by the Holy Spirit. Today, like the disciples 2000 years ago, let’s wait for the Latter Rain, the second outpouring of the Promise of the Father, where we again will experience the same power, authority and new life the Spirit will bring to our DEAD SEA’S.

Many during this pandemic might be in a very dry place in their life. Where it feels like your living in a desolate wasteland, much like your own Dead Sea, literally known as the lowest point on earth. Your asking, What’s next for my life? It can’t get any worse. I’m here to tell you when it’s the darkest in our lives, that’s when the Light of God shows up. A God that is seldom early but never late let’s us experience hard times. Sometimes it takes the devastating disturbances in our lives to stimulate a seed to blossom. I encourage you to seek the outpouring of His Spirit on your life and touch your desolate, dry ground and make it flourish with a super bloom. Prepare to receive your Latter Rains as you read Joel 2:12-13, first, turn back to Him with your whole heart, that’s found in the spirit of repentance. Second, rend your heart and not your garments. Rend literally means to tear apart, split or divide as a sign of grief and despair. It means we first need to recognize where we’ve turned away from the things of God, and to be cut to the heart in sorrow, asking forgiveness. You see when the Israelites turned away from God in sin, to show how sorry they were, they would cut their garments. Showing their desire to change, they would tear their clothes, more concerned with how they looked on the outside to the people instead of turning to God and dealing with their heart. They failed, like so many of us to realize, all God really wanted them to do was to change their hearts and not their clothes. Lastly, Joel say’s, return to the Lord for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, with great kindness. He wants to love you and not harm you and fulfill your life. Rom. 2:4-5, tells us it’s God’s kindness and patience that lead’s you to repentance.

It’s time for a new explosion of wildflowers and a fulfilled life. It’s time for the barren looking landscape in your life to change. The areas that seem dead and haven’t produced anything in the last year, it’s time for your Super Bloom to happen as you EXPECT to RECIEVE the Latter Rain. It’s a focused expectancy that will allow you to receive your blessing. In 1 Kings 18:43-44, Elijah asks his servant to look 7 times for a rain cloud, since there had been a severe drought in the land. The servant’s reply to Elijah was, “There is Nothing!” Those weren’t words of expectancy. Perhaps he should’ve said “Nothing Yet”, now that’s expectancy. The very spirit Elijah had as he said, go again, 7 times, on the seventh time the servant saw the promise of rain and came back saying, “Behold a little cloud.” We’re living in a time of a small cloud but the rain is coming, expect it as we move into Pentecost.

Question: Are you existing in a desolate, dry place in your life and need a rain to fall? Are you even aware of the dry places in your life or have they become your new normal?

Key Thought: During this 50 day period of grace as we head into Pentecost, let’s believe and expect the Latter Rain to fall on all the dry places of un-expectancy in our lives. As we wait, remember Joel 2:12-13 and come back to a loving God with a heart of repentance. Without repentance, we remain in a DEAD SEA. It’s your time for a Super Bloom to happen in your life.

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    1. Your welcome. Please pray for me today I’m preaching at my friends church in Harrington 🙏🕊❤️

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