Take off the Blinders

Recently, I posted a prophetic word on an incoming tsunami given by a Godly prophet from Australia, with the following sub-title. This is a Prophetic Word that I believe will take the knee off our necks and allow us to breath again. As we intercede for our hurting world, we pray that same knee will bend at the Altar of God. After it’s posting many believers responded with Amen and encouraging words but one sister in the Lord took an offense with what I said and the timing of how I said it. This blog is about my action and reaction to the tone deafness and disrespect she thought I had toward black brother’s and sister’s in Christ and how the phase, “take the knee off our necks” has such a painful meaning. She said, “please show me where a knee is on your neck. Show me where your life is treated with such wanton disregard.”

My response was immediate as I said, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me for offending you. I thought a figurative example of knees that kill can end up at the Altar of God. Where those same knees can bend at an Altar of forgiveness and repent to find salvation. Isn’t that what we’re all about anyway.” Her term, “wanton disregard” hit me hard and I was instantly reminded of Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9), a violent murderer of Jewish Christians. A man that hunted down Christians and delivered them up to die. A man that had his knee on the throats of Jewish believers in Christ, taking away their breath…..and then with a flash of light on the road to Damascus, Saul was knocked off his horse, laying on the ground, blinded. Falling to the ground Saul heard a voice saying, “Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me?” His response was “Who are you, Lord?” I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting! Now get up and go to Jerusalem. I thought how many of us need to be knocked off our high horse and fall to the ground. Realizing, we’re all blinded by our prejudice, I don’t care what race or culture you are. A prejudice we don’t even think we have or a prejudice we think we have a right to have. A prejudice that is covered over with our preconceived opinions and self-serving bias. The truth is we’re all prejudice and our behavior is showing it’s true color in the day we’re living. We need an Ananias to show up in our lives.

At the same time God was speaking to Saul, He was also speaking to a believer named Ananias saying, “Go to a man named Saul.” Ananias response was, are you kidding me God. Saul’s, the arresting officer authorized by the chief of police (priests) to arrest anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord, and You want me to go and pray for him? He’s the one that has put his knee on our neck’s, arresting and killing as many as he catches and You want me to go to him? God’s response is interesting, I have a plan for him, his life has a purpose. He is a chosen instrument of mine to carry My name before a Gentile world. But he will feel pain, the same pain he’s caused my people in the things he’ll suffer. After hearing that word, Ananias departed and found Saul, laying his hands on him saying, “brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road, has sent me so you my regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Aren’t we all thankful for a God that has mercy and grace for all the disadvantaged and the privileged alike. I believe that in God, there are no accidents. (Rom. 8:28), All things will and do work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose. That’s why He chose the man Ananias to be the first thing Saul’s eyes would see as he started his New Normal (life). The Hebrew name Ananias literally means, The Grace of God. The first thing Saul saw when he opened his eyes was, the Grace of God.

I totally believe the only thing that will transform us from our prejudice is the Grace of God. It was God’s Grace that touched Saul’s life causing scales to fall from his eyes. And so it is with us…it’s God’s Grace that will touch and change our lives. It’s God’s Grace that will remove our blindness and allow us to see again and love again. We’ve got to see an Ananias standing in our road and allow him to touch our hearts. If we want to rise up off the ground we’re laying in and walk again we all need to embrace His Grace. It’s only His Grace that enable’s you to be His true Disciple and live in righteousness and holiness, to minister and fulfill your calling.

Question: Have you ever looked at your own heart to see if you have pain and hurt from being violated from someone who had no concern for you or your belongings? And because of that pain are causing other’s to feel the same pain and hurt in how you act and react to what has been done to you in the past?

Key Thought: It’s God’s Grace that is needed for us to walk through this pandemic of pain and prejudice. His unmerited favor is what we all need to remember and embrace during this time of crisis to release the scales off our eyes and see clearly what’s happening to our world. Every good thing begins and is fulfilled in God’s Grace. Let’s remember how His Grace has personally ministered to our lives so we’ll know how to minister to others.

One thought on “Take off the Blinders

  1. If we were blind for one day we would never see color . By not seeing color we would never hate our brothers and sisters . But our eyes see color , and its our hearts and minds , that drives prejudice.
    If we live with a prejudice heart , how can we walk with Lord and expect to receive his grace and blessings.
    If we stop and think about where we all came from ( Adam and Eve ) then we are all related. Thats my belief and there is no room in my heart for hatred or prejudice. Love All your brothers and sisters with all your heart . Then your rewards will be in heaven.


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