A Jezebel Spirit HAS Taken America: Part 1

When the Covid-19 shut down began, back in March 2020 I felt God stirring something in my spirit. I felt God say the CRISIS we’re facing is coming with a COMEBACK! I felt God was going to use this pandemic to reveal His divine plans and purposes He had for His church and His people. This blog is to get us to see Gods perspective and actively participate with heaven and turn this curse into a blessing. I believe a Great Awakening is about ready to happen…but first let me try to explain what’s happening.

Today in America, a Jezebel Spirit is moving across our land. It’s a demonic stronghold that’s desire is to completely control and destroy our ” One Nation Under God”. It’s using deception as it intimidates, manipulates, exploit’s us with a desire for complete domination. It’s the spirit behind the Covid-19 outbreak as it shut down the American economy, our churches, our celebrations of weddings and memorial services. It has locked us up in our homes, afraid of going to the store, as it held us prisoners to the rules and regulations that were suppose to make us feel safer as it robs us of our identity and freedom. America is in a CRSIS and needing a COMEBACK. I noticed the Chinese word for CRSIS is formed by the converging of two characters: Danger and Opportunity. Defined as a dangerously critical moment that has a favorable opportunity. Does this sound like a COMEBACK to you. One author said a CRSIS is “an opportunity riding on a dangerous wind.” This is a powerful word for God’s people totally found in James 1 “Count it all Joy when you meet various kinds of trails, the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. The man who remains steadfast and withstands the test will receive the crown of life.” The difficult and trying problems we’re facing are opportunities in disguise. By now we should know the trials found in our struggles and sufferings provide the opportunities for our greatest growth.

This Jezebel spirit has provided many growth opportunities by the uninvited and unanticipated obstacles it has placed in our paths, if we choose to embrace them. But there are those that choose to live in this demon spirit and demonstrate it’s hatred for God and His people as they tear down and destroy our police forces, cities and lives. The anger it displays reveals our TRUMP card. She wants America to pick up an offense for this hatred and destruction so it has a legal right to accuse you before the Father (Rev. 12:10). People who have been violated and feel used are perfect candidates for this evil spirit. Jezebel uses our past mistakes (even those of past generations) that haven’t been dealt with. Ask BLM calling out White Privilege and wanting pay back for wrongs done 100 years ago. She’ll use failures in our lives that have cost us our families, our fortunes and our careers. She’ll use shame that keeps pushing your head down with the words “You’ll never change, that’s your lot in this life.” She’ll use your addictions making you think, it’s the only way out of the pain your feeling. This spirit seems to always be 10 feet ahead of you, you need to realize, your not in a fight with flesh and blood (a person), your in a fight with a principality and power that comes from an evil domain (Eph. 6:12). If we think our battle is flesh and blood we’ve already lost this battle. So how can we fight the Jezebel Spirit? Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon.

Question: Ask yourself have you allowed compromise in your life that you never thought would happen? Has this deception caused road block’s that have been put up in your life every time you desired to move out in obedience and fulfill God’s call on and in your life? Have you always seemed to come up short of completing what you know God asked you to do for Him? Maybe Just Maybe there is a Jezebel involved.

Key Thought: As we learn how to handle all the CRISIS’S that come our way the COMEBACK’S will get easier and easier. We need to realize there is a demonic movement against God and His people in America today. Let’s stop looking at people, (the flesh and blood of Eph. 6:12) and turn our attention to fight the real opponent in this war, the principalities and powers connected to a Jezebel spirit.

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