In a Cave of Denial

Our last blog was about how a Jezebel spirit is taking America over with a crisis called Covid-19. We said, we believe that God has a Comeback for this Crisis and is going to use the pandemic to reveal divine plans and purposes for His church and His people. The problem is this Jezebel Spirit is a demonic principality that has one desire and that’s to control everything and everyone in it’s path. How many times has a road-block been put up in your path when you were about to move out in obedience and answer a Call of God in your life? Ask yourself, have you recently fallen short of completing what you know is God’s will in your life? If your answer is, “Yes, I’m living there now” it’s probably a Jezebel spirit that has a legal right to mess with your head. Let’s take a look at the prophet Elijah’s life and how this demonic principality (Jezebel Spirit) worked him over.

Elijah was a man that finally said, ENOUGH, I’m tried of the evil transformation in Israel because of the wickedness of a Jezebel and Ahab tandem. 1st, he calls a drought throughout Samaria (1 Kings 17:1)…as God takes care of all his needs. 2nd, he responds to God and tells Ahab to get all Jezebel’s 450 Baal prophets and 400 Asherah prostitutes (1 Kings 18:19) and bring them to Mt. Carmel where he challenges Israel (God’s people) to stop limping between two different opinions…choose this day Baal or Yahweh. Elijah sets the battlefield and once again God shows up as Elijah call’s down fire from heaven and burns the bull he was suppose to sacrifice. As the people witness the power of God they fall on their faces shouting, “The Lord, He is God” and respond’s to Elijah’s command to catch and kill all 850 prophet’s and prostitutes. NOTICE: There comes a time in every man’s life when he either runs and hides in denial or stands and fight’s the evil that want’s to take him down. The question today is WHAT MAN ARE YOU? Elijah instead of standing strong, bolts and runs until he drops under a Juniper tree wanting to die.(1 Kings 19:1-3, 9) and because of fear end’s up in a cave. How does a man that say’s ENOUGH under one moment of spirit filled faith now say’s ENOUGH (I’ve had it, I’m done, let me die). Let me explain. The Jezebel Spirit is a powerful controlling principality. It’s after the very heart’s of men (Pro. 4:23) and that’s why we have to guard it. It’s first line of defense is DECEPTION making you think your weaker than you truly are. She uses your past mistakes (even those of past generations) that haven’t been totally dealt with. Just ask BLM calling out White Privilege and wanting reparation for wrongs done 100 years ago. She’ll use your failures that have cost you families, fortunes and carriers. She use’s shame with words, “You’ll never change, it will forever be apart of your life and generational seed.” She’ll use your addictions wanting to control your emotional pain using pleasure to satisfy your desires. BUT it never ends up well, because betrayal and death are her goals.

So how do we come out of our caves? 1st, realize it costs you to stand! The reason we end up in the cave and drop in despair with words like, I’ve had enough is sometimes we don’t know what else to do. All of us have deposits of fear and doubt in our lives as we live in denial. Just like Adam and Eve, we find ourselves naked and afraid to be seen by our Gracious God and we end up in our cave hiding. 2nd, realize we have unmet expectations…what we thought would happen and what really happened (1 kings 19:9-10). The “I have been” are distributors for disappointment. Elijah had to learn how to respond rightly to disappointments and life’s discouragement’s. So much of our fight isn’t things on the outside of us it’s those hidden shadows that live on the inside of us. I guess the question is, what are we doing in caves. I believe we all have them and they’re waiting for our despair and disappointment, but God is asking us a question. What are you doing here? In our denial and despair, we only see the storms, the earthquakes and the fire that want to steal, kill and destroy what we believe and have fought for. The cave is a dark place there’s no light for revelation. BUT when we come to the mouth of the cave we get to hear a whisper of assurance for a God that loves us. Maybe God’s not calling you out of a cave but the cave out of you. It’s time we stop defining ourselves by what’s going on around us. But what’s going on in us.

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