Is God Wrestling with America?

In Gen. 32:22-25, we see Jacob, alone on the east side of the Jordan River waiting to make restitution with his brother Esau. Jacob had stole his brothers birthright years before and was now being dealt with by God to make it right. But first God had to get Jacob’s attention by getting him alone. Being alone, God could deal directly with him. It was here a wrestling match occurs between the MAN (Jesus) and Jacob. Notice Jacob didn’t wrestle with the MAN, the MAN wrestled with Jacob. The reason is, Jacob didn’t think he needed anything from God, but God surely wanted something from Jacob. God wanted all of Jacob’s proud prejudice of self-reliance and fleshly scheming that he had lived with his entire life. It say’s, they wrestled till the break of day. I can only imagine what this scene looked like…was it a barroom fight or an intense WWF wrestling match? And how did Jacob even manage to keep up his struggle with God throughout the entire night? That’s easy, just look at our self-serving determination, our prejudice to have our own way as we resist God’s truth. The scripture say’s, “He saw that He did not prevail against him.” Jacob, I’m sure thought he was evenly matched against the MAN. But the match was only even in appearance. Jesus let’s us have our way until we exhaust ourselves in our bias of self-effort and that’s when HE touches the core of our life stopping us short of destruction. A man or woman in rebellion with God might seem to be getting their way, but God, at any time can turn the tide and bring us to our knees.

I believe this is what’s happening in America today. God is wrestling with us during this pandemic to reveal our personal bias and prejudice toward other’s. We all need to ask ourselves does prejudice have a foothold in our lives. If so, Do we want to allow this personal prejudice to be revealed? This is truly, “the wrestling match,” that’s in our hearts and the heart of this Nation. You might be saying, I’m not bias and I’m sure not prejudice. Really? Prejudice literally means, “a preconceived judgement or opinion formed without sufficient knowledge with an attitude of ill-will directed against an individual or group.” I don’t care whether your a democrat or republican, a liberal or conservative, black or white we all have a bias and a prejudice. It’s true we all move with prejudice in our relationships with other’s.

Have you noticed how “repeat” incidents of fatal injury involving our legal authority “the police” are occurring in direct relationship to prejudice? Remember, the definition of prejudice is a misinformed judgment. In other words, it’s an illegal response on our part. We break God’s law when we respond with prejudice and allow evil to be the authority in our relationship, directing bad behavior towards each other. God want’s us to take an honest look at prejudice in our lives and break the stronghold that is found in our attitudes and behavior. He want’s us to stop wrestling with HIM and let HIM create a limp as a remembrance of what and how we use to believe and behave. He want’s us to learn the art of loving like He has loved us.

Question: Are you willing to allow God to wrestle with you and show you your prejudice?

Key Thought: If we respond in repentance we will hold the key of David (Isa. 22:22) to open the door for reconciliation in our nation and shut the door of prejudice. It’s time we allow God’s touch on our lives to cause a limp of remembrance of the illegal hold the evil enemy has had on our lives and nation.

One thought on “Is God Wrestling with America?

  1. Vic and Jeannie great piece you’ve written. Makes you really look at the subject matter at least it made me truly think. ❤️


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