“It’s Hard To Breathe”

The dawning of Labor Day 2020 brought 30-40 mph winds with gusts to 50 mph in our area of Washington State. Some have said the strongest winds ever recorded in our state. Those high winds continued until about 7:00pm that evening, igniting several fires and quickly spreading over 200,000 thousand acres in Eastern Washington. These areas were predominately rural with many farms and ranches. Sadly with these fires came massive destruction of land and buildings, and days of thick lingering smoke. Smoke remains long after fires are under control. It remains high in the atmosphere for weeks moving under the control of the winds. As it settled in an area, visibility was limited and breathing became difficult. We are currently being advised to shelter in place by officials to prevent lung damage from smoke particles. I have personally found myself feeling that it was hard for me to even get enough good air to breathe. Yet it’s true, 2020 has been a difficult year for yet another reason. As we have dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic causing respiratory failure, and we are now dealing with our “racial pandemic” which began with the “knee on the throat” of George Floyd causing him to be unable to breathe. I think it is strange, that with all of these crisis, the common thread has been, there is not ENOUGH air for me to BREATHE!!!

As we negotiate these times of crisis, which seem to be escalating, does God have a message for all of us? I think the first thing He is saying to each of us is, that He truly IS more than enough as we cry out, “Restore us, O God; Cause your face to shine, and we shall be saved! ( Psalm 80:3.”) As we humble ourselves, giving Him our fear and panic instead of trying to handle things in our own strength. So, I’m asking, what does it look like to give our, “not enough” to God and let him provide, “more than enough.” We can see this demonstrated in the Word of God many times. The very first time we see this is in Genesis 1 with the creation story. He created the earth and the heaven’s in 5 days, and saw that “it was good.” Then on the 6th day He made man in His own image and saw that “it was very good.” On the 7th day He rested, He spent 6 days speaking into creation, “breathing out His word” then on the 7th day He rested, He “breathed in.” He added this 7th day for US. His sabbath rest, the 4th commandment is for us to regularly welcome and observe His Rest. Six days was not enough, He knew we needed more on a regular basis, as we position ourselves in His provision and allow His plan to be released in our lives. His plan provides more than enough, more than we could ever hope for or imagine. We see this played out again in Mathew 15:32-39 as He feeds the four thousand. Then His disciples said to Him, “Where could we get ENOUGH bread in the wilderness to FILL such a great multitude?” (vs. 33), Jesus asks them, “How many loaves do you have?” The disciples knew they didn’t have enough to feed the people, but Jesus knew what they had. So why did He ask them to tell Him how many they had? Perhaps the first step to receiving more then enough it to humbly show Him our lack, be honest and lift it up before Him, so that He can take it and bless it, and transform our lack into something He can, “FILL.” He replaces our “not enough” with the capacity to be filled to overflowing, there were 7 large baskets of food left.

Question: Fill in the blank: “I don’t have enough_________,” and need a miracle.

Key Thought: We all are able to fill in the blank above, probably with several answers, so the issue will always remain when we try to fill our “not enough” by “holding our breath” instead of resting in His provision by taking a humble position, being honest before Him, and letting Him take whatever is not enough and bless it and multiply it to fill you to overflowing as you “breathe in.”

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