Do You Really Know What Battle Your In?

It seems God is trying His best to wake up His church with the revelation that a battle is raging and we’re standing in the middle of a war that’s whirling around us. During this Jewish New Year that began Sept. 18th, I was reminded of what King Hezekiah must have felt as the Assyrian King Sennacherib swept down from the north conquering Syria and Israel devastating land and cities. Attacking all the fortified cities of Judah, advancing to the front of the gates of Jerusalem (Isa. 36:1-2). It was here King Hezekiah realized, if Jerusalem fell, all of Judah would fall also. King Hezekiah and all of Judah faced desperate times just like America and it’s citizens are facing today. So what did happen to Judah and Jerusalem and what will happen to America? Let’s find out!

In Isa.36:3-7, we see Rabshaken, the Kings field commander, have the freedom to ride right into Jerusalem and talk with King Hezekiah’s three leaders at the cities crucial water supply. Seeming to have complete command of the situation, he first attacks their confidence. Telling them,”what confidence is this in which you trust? I say you speak of having plans and power for war, but they are mere words.” He knew they couldn’t trust in Egypt to help in their plight because you could never trust Egypt plus the Assyrians had already defeated Egypt. He also knew King Hezekiah had destroyed all the pagan altars and high places of worship in Judah. Knowing this, Rabshakeh challenges the Hebrew people and their God, saying, “Where are you going to worship and cry out to God now?” I’ve got an idea he add’s, “How about striking a bargain with my master. Look at what he’ll give you,” vs. 8-9. Not only does the enemy of our soul come after our confidence but also our convictions as he seeks to compromise all that we hold as true. Notice Rabshakeh responds, if you make a pledge to my master, THEN, I’ll give you! The devil gladly offers you the world instead of a battle, he want’s you to sell out and simply give up. Many picture the devil, “itching for a fight,” when the truth is, he would rather have you just give up. Satan used this same strategy against Jesus as he tempted Him in the wilderness after Christ finished His 40 day fast. Offering Him all the kingdoms of the world if He would fall down and worship him (Luke 4:5-8). It didn’t work on Jesus and I pray it isn’t going to work on America. But know this, the devil always saves his best line for the end as he challenges our personal faith in God (vs. 10). Trying to convince us to disobey what God has told us and obey his lie. We forfeit all that God wants to accomplish in us and through us when we sell out to the lie of the enemy. God allow’s things to happen (Covid-19) so His prophetic plan’s can be fulfilled. The lie was, “God won’t help you.” The truth is, we can’t do anything about it, but our King of Kings can and will in His perfect time.

Notice, Isa. 36:11-12, Hezekiah’s men wanted Rabshakeh to only speak in the Aramic language and not in Hebrew. They were afraid the Hebrew people would not only hear but fall into fear, believing all that the field commander was saying and rise up against the leadership of Jerusalem making them surrender. When your in the heat of the battle often times you don’t know whose on your team and whose on the enemies team. It’s here the Rabshakeh stands up and calls out with a loud voice in Hebrew, “Hear the words of the great Assyrian King: Do not let Hezekiah deceive you, for he will not be able to deliver you; Nor let Hezekiah make you trust in the Lord, saying the Lord will surely deliver you, this city will not be given over into the hands of the King of Assyria”. Let’s look at what the enemy of our souls tries to do with us and in us, using these lies: 1. Intends to make God’s people doubt their leaders. 2. Intends to build fear and unbelief in God’s people. 3. Intends to make surrender and giving up an attractive option. 4. When the Assyrians conquered a people they forced them to resettle in a place far away from their home country breaking their spirits and family legacies. It was here ethnic cleansing happened. 5. But ultimately it was intended to destroy peoples trust in their God. We see this when the Rabshakeh say’s, “the gods of other nations haven’t protected them, just like your god isn’t going to protect you”.

Let’s all remember, it’s one thing to speak against Israel, America, it’s flag, it’s people, it’s leaders, it’s institutions but it’s an all together different thing to mock the Lord God of Israel and America…telling Him, He’s just like any other god. Folks, that’s when God’s judgement falls on that nation and it’s people. I believe, America is in this situation, judgement is falling on America. The devil has crossed a line in the sand and all God’s cards are getting ready to be played. And you ask, what should our response be? Look at how the 3 leaders of Jerusalem responded, having listened to King Hezekiah to not say a word, they said nothing back to the field commander, but in sack cloth and ashes came back to King Hezekiah vs. 21-22. America needs to pray like never before realizing this is a spiritual battle that’s only won in the heaven’s. God is waiting for a 2 Chron. 7:14 people, that would humble themselves and pray, seek His face and turn from any wickedness there might be in their lives. That’s when God is going to hear from heaven, forgive America and it’s people’s sin and heal this amazing land of ours. Remember, 2 Cor. 4:8-9, It’s true, “We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed”. We’re in a battle but in Christ we’ve already won. Do I Hear An Amen.

Question: Do you see a spiritual battle being waged in America today? Is that battle waging around you? Are you ready to fight like a Godly warrior?

Key Thought: What King Hezekiah faced a few thousand years ago is happening again in 2020. Satan is the King Sennacherib and Covid-19 is Rabshakeh, the field commander with the same desire: to destroy a country that loves and serves God. It’s goal is to get you to give up and quit as you surrender to his will. But let’s be like King Hezekiah and humble ourselves and pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways. Knowing that the King of Kings will hear from heaven, forgive our sin’s and heal our land. It’s time America becomes a 2 Chron. 7:14 people!

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