The Battle of Two Crowns

Yesterday I shared, we are in a spiritual battle between two kingdoms. Today, we’re going to show what the kingdoms are and how it relates to the coronavirus pandemic we’re currently experiencing. First, lets explore what the word corona means. In Latin it means crown, signifying kingdoms and authority. The word crown (corona) is usedContinue reading “The Battle of Two Crowns”

Purim: Day 2, How We Are Delivered

As we enter the Throne of Grace, Heb. 4:16, always remember there’s a conspirator, an adversary in the Kings court room (Rev. 12:10) . It’s here that the Book of Esther get’s interesting. Enter Haman, the accuser of the brethren, that always looks for a legal right to destroy your life. Haman had the KingsContinue reading “Purim: Day 2, How We Are Delivered”

Purim: A Celebration of Gods Deliverance in Your Life

The next two days in Jewish history are called Purim and have been set aside to celebrate the days when the Jews have rest from their enemies, changing their sorrow to joy and their mourning into a favorable day. It is a story told in the Book of Esther and illustrates how we can beContinue reading “Purim: A Celebration of Gods Deliverance in Your Life”

Receiving and Releasing God’s Anointing

Today 3/3/2020 is a world day of prayer and fasting. CBN NEWS has called Christians to a global day of prayer to end Coronavirus. Our goal is 2 Chron. 7:14, IF my people who are called by my Name. We have a choice, thus the word IF, we humble ourselves and pray. Where do weContinue reading “Receiving and Releasing God’s Anointing”

Waiting on the Lord causes us to enter His Rest

Joel and my daughter-in-law just had their 3rd child and they stayed up all night through while they were waiting 😦 There wasn’t a whole lot of rest, (defined as Refreshing oneself, Recover strength), experienced by the Alinen family but joyful expectation covered the lack of sleep. This brought on today’s blog. How do youContinue reading “Waiting on the Lord causes us to enter His Rest”