Strong Desire-vs-Hopeful Thinking

This morning, Jeanne and I were discussing the difference between strongly desiring something versus just hopefully thinking about it. Looking in the Word to find God’s heart on the difference, we discovered what strong desire looks like in contrast to hopeful thinking. Jesus states in Luke 11:9-10, “Ask and it will be given you, seekContinue reading “Strong Desire-vs-Hopeful Thinking”

Cost and Keys to Breakthrough

Today is 2/20/2020, I thought since 20 in Jewish numerology means “Completion” then this must mean a “Double Portion of Completion for each person that reads this 🙂 !” Thus the title of today’s blog, Breakthrough. So, how will you experience these unseen breakthroughs? First, let’s see what breakthrough means, “A sudden, dramatic and importantContinue reading “Cost and Keys to Breakthrough”

What does an Altar Mean to You?

After sharing about Elijah rebuilding the Abrahamic Altar (1 Kings 18:30-31) that was suppose to be used to sacrifice Isaac on Mt. Carmel, I realized many might not know what a personal Altar is or how it’s used in their lives. Notice Elijah (a type of the Holy Spirit) called them near and the peopleContinue reading “What does an Altar Mean to You?”

Where is Elijah’s Prophetic Spirit

This morning I sensed the Holy Spirit say, ” A prophetic spirit is needed to be found in 2020!’ To which I immediately turned to Malachi 4:5 and read, “I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord.” Now I believe we’re moving swiftly into those lastContinue reading “Where is Elijah’s Prophetic Spirit”