Passover #3…Palm Sunday “leads to Passover table talk”

On Sunday before Christ’s crucifixion, we see Jesus coming into Jerusalem, knowing that soon He would lay down His life for our sins. The crowds welcomed Him with waving palm branches and shouting Hosanna, to the son of David, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna, in the highest! HosannaContinue reading “Passover #3…Palm Sunday “leads to Passover table talk””

Passover#2…The Transition: Lion to the Lamb

As Jesus came into Jerusalem, we see the Lion of Judah, that stood before the Gates of Hell six months earlier, proclaiming He is the Great I Am, now changing His focus as He heads to the Passover table. The Lion was becoming the Lamb (a first fruits offering) at this last supper (Ex. 12:21).Continue reading “Passover#2…The Transition: Lion to the Lamb”

Passover #1…From the Cave to the Table

A decree, defined as an official order, issued by a legal authority, is what took place at the Cave called the Gates of Hell(Matt. 16:13-19). This incident, took place six months before Jesus entered into Jerusalem and was Crucified. It was pivotal in Jesus’ ministry, marking the climax of His teaching concerning His own Person.Continue reading “Passover #1…From the Cave to the Table”